ambient blending look & finishes

The PRODUCT SEGMENTATION of landing doors primarily comprises of manual and automatic doors.The Automatic doors comprises of two different sets of doors; doors on the cars and doors opening into the elevator shaft. The doors on the cars are operated by an electric motor, which in turn is operated by the elevator controller. This ensures maximum safety and reliability.

Manual doors also used two sets of doors. Only the operation of door is manual which would take generally more duration in operating of the elevator.

The elevator Accessories for the doors and cabin comprises of various finishes these includes railing, flooring, ceiling lights etc., which enhances the look and feel of the elevator in harmony with architecture & ambience of the building.

S.S. Telescpic door

S.S. Center Opening Door

S.S. Cabin

S.S. Automatic Framed Glass Door

M.S. Automatic Door

M.S. Telescopic Door

M.S. Swing Door

M.S. Imperforated Door

M.S. Collapsible Gate

Capsule Lift

Type of Cabin finishes

S.S. Harline Finish Cabin

M.S. Finish Cabin

Wood Finish Cabin

Inspired By Heights

Heights have been a source of inspirations for man-kind be it mountains, trees, hilltops, skies, buildings and skyscrapers. A reliable elevator system with comprehensive vertical transport solution can conquer heights of man-made structure.

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